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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Feature: Agent Updated Listings

We’re very excited to announce a new feature that we recently added to our listings. That feature is our Agent-Updated Listings program. Over 150 agents have participated by updating their listings and the listings of their agencies, and more are being added every week. What that means for you is an unprecedented level of accuracy and a more reliable search experience.

To access this feature, you can use our Targeted Search function to select the “Listing Updated by Agent?” field. This field works on searches for both Agents and Agencies. You can search just for the listings that are Agent-Updated, or combine this field with other ones such as genres, geographic location, AAR membership, and whether an agent is currently accepting queries.

If you’re browsing our listings, you’ll see “Updated by Agent On:” at the upper right corner of the listing, just below the Last Updated date, on every Agent Updated entry.

We know that when you’re looking for an agent, you want to know the information you find is accurate, and the best way to ensure accurate information is to get it right from the source. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this feature to our users and help you search our site with confidence.

Christopher Hawkins


Anonymous said...

Christopher, I just wanted to let you know that the Litmatch site was very helpful to me when recently researching agents.

What I appreciated most was when there was a list of the authors the agent represented. It was the best way to get insight into what the agent's taste is and the type of work he/she represents. Without that there's really VERY little to go by because most descriptions are too general. Thanks!
: Donna

Christopher Hawkins said...

Thanks, Donna. We're glad to be of help!