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Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Feature: Statistics Upgrade 1

We’ve recently launched the first in a series of planned upgrades to our statistics package. Up ‘til now, we’ve been focused on making the site as useful as possible for the individual user tracking submissions in our system. But now that we have a strong base of submission information to draw from, we’re proud to be able to add these statistics to our ever-growing set of literary agent research tools and offer them to our registered and unregistered users alike!

This upgrade covers all the basics, breaking down the responses for both agencies and individual agents, with separate stats for email and postal mail responses. The average, fastest and slowest responses are displayed for each category. In addition, you can easily find out how many submissions result in rejections (both personal and form rejections), requests for materials, and offers of representation.

We're especially excited about this release because we were able to launch it a full month early. Initially, it was planned for January because that's when we thought we'd have a useable number of submissions recorded in our system to make the stats meaningful. But, thanks to the support and productivity of our users, we're able to leave this particular present under the tree just in time for the holidays.

As always, we’re committed to providing the most relevant and meaningful statistics to help you in your search for representation. More reporting upgrades are planned for the near future, with some in development, and some already finished, waiting for the next threshold in our submission counts to make them relevant and useful. You can help us get there by spreading the word about LitMatch to your friends and colleagues in the writing community.

Thank you for your support and best wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!


Chris Hawkins

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