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Monday, June 30, 2008

Let your voice be heard: Participate in our Survey!

One of the most rewarding things about working on LitMatch is the chance to speak directly with our users, answer your questions, and consider your recommendations for how we can make the site better. But sometimes those interactions don't tell the whole story about your experiences with LitMatch, experiences which are very important as we continue to shape our content and features to better suit your needs.

That's why we've created this month's survey. We want to know more about how you use the site, which features you find most useful, and which areas we can make improvements in. It's a short survey, one you can likely complete in under five minutes, but the results will help us refine the site and guide its development in the coming months, and even years.

So, take a few minutes and let your voice be heard!


William DeSeta said...

I think your submission tracking is a great idea but it has one major fault. It does not allow for agents or agencies that are not on your roster to be tracked. Rather than scrolling down and clicking on an agent or agency one should be able to just type in their name. I have already run across three agencies to which I have submitted that are not in your data base so your whole system becomes useless to me. It would be great if tyou could fix this.

Christopher Hawkins said...

Hi William, and thanks very much for the feedback.

Not being able to add new agents on your own is actually by design. There are a couple reasons for this. First, a user may look for an agent under one spelling or abbreviation when they are listed under another. If that user adds a new agent under the alternate spelling, then the stats for that agent are split between two entries.

Second, there are many agents and agencies who are excluded from our listings because they either charge up-front fees or are known to not be legitimate agents for other reasons.

If you come across an agent or agency that's not listed in our database, just send a note to We'll do the research and add the new listing if it checks out or let you know if it doesn't. In most cases, we can add new agents within 24 hours, so the process would be a minimal delay on your tracking process.


Christopher Hawkins