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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Survey - Publishing Options

We always look forward to getting your feedback here at LitMatch, and we get a lot of it. But from time to time, we like to ask you specific questions about your experiences in the publishing world, and your thoughts about our site and our services. That's why we put together surveys: to learn more about you, and how we can best tailor our site to fit your needs.

Where last summer's survey focused on your thoughts about LitMatch. Now we've posted a new one that focuses on the publishing industry as a whole, the options that are available to writers, and your impressions of each of them.

Like our last survey, we designed this one to only take about five minutes of your time to complete, and like our last survey, you'll need to be logged in to complete it. Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so I hope you'll check it out:


Anonymous said...

I believe that The Reader, Kindle, Stanza, Smashwords etc. plus the poor economy is going to reduce the number and size of bookstores and libraries. Only seniors will continue to treasure paper books, the present generation being already immersed in instant content mode. Authonomy and clones has already begin to render the literary agent semi-unnecessary. The big picture? Look for more publishing houses to close because the reading device of choice is already loaded with 88,000 books that one can download for as little as $1.89. Next technology will make it impossible for downloaded books to be e-sent to one's friends, for free.

yu.gong said...

Yes, I agree that Kindle and all the other readers is going to change the book habits of many people but we as writers shouldn’t be afraid of them. Instead we should embrace them with an open heart and a clear idea of how they can make money for us. If I could sell 5,000 downloads to people who wouldn’t normally buy a book then surely that must be a good thing even if the price is less than a hardcopy.
If it is secure and stops file sharing then it could be the way forward… maybe

Anonymous said...

I believe what you are saying about the Kindle etc., so much so that I have opted to self-publish my next book, and it will be available in a soft cover, and Kindle edition on Amazon. When you read in the trades about the drop in total books being published, except for the established author, it brings the reality to the forefront that the emerging markets are the self-published ones. Publishing houses are not investing in marketing even if they choose to publish your book. And with Amazon selling over 66 percent of all books this past year, it makes sense to choose self-publishing, and market on the internet.