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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preview #6 - A Commitment to Free

LitMatch has always been a free service. As these previews move forward, and we get closer to launching the new site, I think it's important to note that our commitment to offering a free service will continue.

That means that the new website will be free. Registration is free. The listings are free. Submission tracking is free. The social networking features are free. Simple , right?

But it's a little bit more than that. Being committed to offering a free service means being committed to sustaining that free service, and making sure that the site remains free and available for years to come. But running a website costs money. In the past, we've met our costs (to varying degrees of success) through advertising alone. The new site will still depend, in part, on advertising, but in time it will also incorporate a few subscription-based features that will work in concert with the free bulk of the site to help us pay the bills.

Those features are still down the road a ways. The point I'd like to make here is that any feature that's free now will stay free. Further, all the new features that I talk about in these previews will also be free.

Just as important, everything that's free is going to stay free. We're not going to reduce our feature set or ask you to suddenly start paying for something you've been getting all along for nothing. At it's core, LitMatch is free, and it always will be free.

That's it for now. In the next preview, I'll reveal some more free features, focusing on a few that will help writers connect with each other...

Christopher Hawkins

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