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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preview #9 - Introducing AuthorAdvance!

The following is reprinted from our email newsletter, which went out earlier this morning...

Two years ago, a little website called LitMatch was launched with the goal of helping writers find literary agents, and ultimately, get published. Later this year, LitMatch will relaunch with a new mission that encompasses a wider spectrum of writers and their work. With this new mission comes a new look and a new name!

Introducing AuthorAdvance! AuthorAdvance is a complete social network that lets writers connect, share interests, and find help with their work. Expanded listings allow users to add and edit publishers, markets, contests and resources to help them improve their work and find publication. Enhanced submission tracking helps writers organize their careers and free up more time for writing. Best of all, everything's connected, making it easier than ever to find the information you want and meet people with similar interests and goals.

AuthorAdvance is currently set to launch in late October, 2009. In the meantime, watch this newsletter, along with the LitMatch blog, for more information and previews.

Thank you to everyone who helped make LitMatch a success. We think you're going to love what AuthorAdvance has in store for the future.


Christopher Hawkins

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Anonymous said...

A writer buddy asked me if I knew of any sites that collect and organize writer blogs. I found one or two through a Google search but was wondering if this kind of functionality was part of your vision for AuthorAdvance?