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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AuthorAdvance Launch Schedule Announcement!

We are pleased to announce the launch date for AuthorAdvance, the next generation social network and submission tracking system for writers of all interests and experience levels.

AuthorAdvance Logo

AuthorAdvance will launch on Monday, November 9th.

In preparation for the launch, LitMatch will be closed in order to perform user and data migration starting on Monday, November 2nd. The migration process is expected to take about a week to complete, at which point, LitMatch will be replaced by the new AuthorAdvance site.

So, why close the site, and why a week?

The process of migrating data from the old site to the new one is a time- and resource- intensive process, involving a significant amount of data conversion in order to fit existing submissions into the new, upgraded tracking system. We've set an extremely low tolerance for error, and in order to make sure that nothing is missed, we need to halt data entry on LitMatch until the migration is complete. We've also built in extra time for testing in order to make sure that when the new site opens, users can hit the ground running with a minimum of interruption.

During this time, our blog at will still be operational, and we'll be posting information there, as well as sending update emails to keep everyone apprised of our progress.

I'm excited to share the new site with all of you. I think you're going to like what we have in store.


Christopher Hawkins


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advance warning, Chris. Good luck with the data migration: I know it can be a nail-biting time. As to design -
Have you considered giving us colour-coded bullets to visually organise our submissions?
Also - I haven't figured out how my hotlist works yet: can you give us a simple way to group our favourite agents?
Many thanks for this superb tool.
With gratitude, Rosanne

Christopher Hawkins said...

Thanks Rosanne,

You're in luck with the hotlist. the new design makes it easier to find, simpler to use, and allows you to leave notes with your hotlist entries. I have a few other ideas related to the hotlist that I'm hoping to implement early next year as well.

I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind with the color-coded bullets. Can you send me an email to elaborate?


Rosanne said...

Because the site is down, I'll leave a comment here, Chris. The colour-coding I mean might consist of a colour icon we can choose to place against the name of a particular agent or agency. Such as blue = wanted more work, red = poor reputation, yellow = still has not responded, green = acknowledged receipt personally, purple = automated acknowledgment, orange = closed to further submissions. That sort of thing.
Just a thought. Rosanne