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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Site Migration Update

I had a rare free moment as a batch of submissions are being uploaded to the new site, so I decided to use it to update everyone on the status of the data migration.

In short, the process is going well. Users and Titles have been converted and imported successfully. Submissions are underway, and should be completed late tomorrow. We've also made some changes to the fonts and artwork, and will continue to make tweaks right up to the launch date.

I also won a major argument with my hosting provider about some server errors that were affecting the site's reliability. After four days of back and forth with various technicians, the issue has finally been resolved! Unfortunately, the reliability issues have set the import process back by about a day, but I built extra time into the process for unforeseen complications, so we're still on track to launch on the 9th.

That's all for now. I'll try to post another update before the end of the week. Thanks to all of you for your patience with this process. Good things are on the way!

Christopher Hawkins


Margaux said...

Hi Christopher,

Will we be using the same user names and passwords we used on

Will the new site be



Christopher Hawkins said...

Yes, you'll be able to use the same username and password on AuthorAdvance. You'll also be able to log in using your email address.

The site will be